Present Projects

Advice and information mapping

We are working with organisations across the city who give out information and advice to people experiencing poverty. Our aim is to build understanding of what is offered in Exeter and what shape the advice takes, then work with all organisations and groups offering advice, to identify ways to collaborate and make better use of existing resources. You can find more detail in our project brief here.

An online farmers market for Exeter

With the generous support from the national Veg City campaign, Food Exeter has supported the launch of an online farmers market for Exeter. The aim is to help get sustainably grown, local food to people at prices that are affordable, but which also give local producers a fair price. The online market is being run by newly formed Community Benefit Society (a not for profit business), Good Food Exeter. The aim is for Good Food Exeter to become a leading social enterprise supporting different initiatives that help local people and producers. Good Food Exeter is currently taking a break to review its business plan, it will start trading again later this year.

A Local Food Centre for Exeter

We have commissioned a one year feasibility study into whether Food Exeter can help establish a ‘local food centre‘. This would be a ground-breaking not for profit business, aimed at making local, sustainably produced food available to the people,  organisations and businesses of Exeter at affordable prices. We hope to publish the results of the study by the end of 2020.

Collaboration on Food Poverty & Insecurity

As part of our workwith the Food Power national movement, Food Exeter is talking to local organisations about ways to collaborate on the serious issue of food poverty. Our work so far shows that local organisations believe that there are ways to work together in smarter ways, and to developing new, joint solutions. If you are interested in joining our dialogue with other organisations who share this belief, please email

Community Food Hubs

We are interested in the idea of ‘Community food hubs’. This term is used to describe a cluster of neighbourhood level activities relating to food, often but not always, based in a community centre. This might include community cooking, meals, buying groups, growing food and a community cafe. There are no ‘hubs’ in Exeter at present. We have published research looking at what is happening in Exeter and making recommendations.

More food markets

Food Exeter wants to see more markets where people can buy local, sustainably produced food at affordable prices. We would like to see an innovative and flexible approach taken to encouraging city centre and neighbourhood markets, food ‘pop-ups’ and food street trading. These kinds of activities not only provide a valuable way for new entrepreneurs to test their ideas, but also encourage the ‘micro’ businesses that are an important feature of the local economy. We want Exeter to follow innovative cities that have made their city centres vibrant and resilient, by building a modern market space in the city centre, for food, but also providing space for other activities.

We are exploring supporting pilot community markets in the city, where people can access sustainably produced fresh and prepared food, at affordable prices.

We want to work with any individuals, businesses or organisations who also want to see more market and street stalls that support our local food economy and sustainable local agriculture.