Become a Trustee

Our Trustees have ultimate responsibility for Food Exeter. Their job is to ensure that Food Exeter keeps moving towards achieving the goals it has set and that it is run in compliance with charity law. All our trustees are unpaid, and each brings an area of expertise and experience to the table. Because Food Exeter is a recently formed charity, with limited funds, our Trustees take an active role in management.

We are looking for ‘hands on’ trustees to join us. You need to be passionate about one or more areas of our work, have some time to give to being a trustee, and bring some relevant experience or expertise to add to that of our existing trustees. If you want to talk to us about the possibility of being a trustee, please email

The following areas of experience are all useful, but we are open to applications from anyone who thinks that they have something to contribute.

  • Local authority policy making
  • Strategy and policy across a theme, in a local area
  • Food insecurity and food poverty
  • Agri-environmental policy and emerging solutions
  • Reduction of food waste
  • Connecting people and local food producers
  • Charity fundraising / social enterprises