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Food Exeter – Our Vision

Our aim is to ensure that nutritious, affordable, local, sustainably produced food is available for everyone in Exeter.  We support the development of a localised, sustainable food system and to tackle the issues of food poverty, diet-related ill health, food waste and unsustainable farming practices. Our focus is on achieving strategic, step change across the city.

Food Exeter exists to work with others in order to move towards a ‘food future’ for our city which fulfills the following five conditions. We believe in looking at problems and solutions by addressing social, economic and environmental issues in an integrated way. Click on each for more information below.

  1. There is access to nutritious, healthy food for all
  2. Exeter has a thriving ‘food culture’
  3. There is a strong, resilient Exeter and Devon food economy
  4. A sustainable local food system
  5. Exeter’s local food system is resilient and more secure

One of our current main projects is the development of an Exeter Local Organic Food Hub, which will deliver on all of these priorities. Read more in our Prospectus.

There is access to nutritious, healthy food for all

Everybody living in Exeter, regardless of income, status or background, should have secure access to enough healthy, nutritious food at all times, and the ability to enjoy healthier diets.

Exeter has a thriving ‘food culture’

People need opportunities to grow, cook, share and eat food together, in social (community centres, street events) and institutional settings such as schools. People need a better understanding of where their food comes from and the impacts of food production. This knowledge would provide wellbeing, health, educational   and social benefits to local communities

There is a strong, resilient Exeter and Devon food economy

There needs to be a thriving and sustainable farming, horticulture and local food business sector in Devon and beyond, with this increased produce being sold, bartered and consumed in Exeter and outlying areas.  The local food economy needs to provide sustainable livelihoods, exciting and rewarding job and training opportunities for new entrants and informal volunteering and learning opportunities.

A sustainable local food system

Food production and distribution systems should protect natural resources, reduce environmental impact, including carbon emissions, promote climate resilience, minimise waste at all levels, work in harmony with and enhance the local environment. Sustainable management systems should be the basis for food production, where food is produced within the finite limits of our planet’s resources, protecting and respecting our environment and communities, and without compromising the ability of future generations to provide for themselves.

Exeter’s local food system is resilient and more secure

We need a local food system that works within the finite limits of our planet. It should be flexible and resilient to predicted and unforeseen changes, helping to secure food supplies for people in Exeter in the face of an uncertain future.

How We Work

Food Exeter is all about working collaboratively across sectors with other organisations and individuals. We have no statutory powers and so work through dialogue and persuasion, sharing information and opening up opportunities to see things differently. 

Alongside our legal structure, we also have volunteers and working groups.

Volunteers do much of our work. Some come from within other organisations, collaborating with us as part of their day job. Others are people who want to make difference to the issues we are working on.

Working Groups

Our working groups are set up to work on the detail of delivering our strategy priorities. They comprise people with relevant skills and interests, who are willing to put in time and effort to carrying out research, sharing knowledge, and developing proposals for action.

If you are interested in joining any of the working groups below, please contact us. Tell us which working group you are interested in, and what you would have to offer.

Fair Access to Food

Fair Access to Food

Tackling food poverty in Exeter is one of Food Exeter’s strategic priorities. The Fair Access to Food Working Group oversees Exeter’s work. We are part of the national Food Power programme, tackling food poverty and food insecurity through people-powered change.

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Sustainable Local Food Economy

Sustainable Local Food Economy

The Sustainable Local Food Economy Working Group is carrying out research on ways in which more sustainable and locally produced food can be sold to more local people at affordable prices. Our Exeter Local Organic Food Hub project is the main area of work in this sphere.

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Food in Communities

Food in Communities

We believe that growing, buying, cooking and eating food in community settings provides numerous benefits. We are working to enable people who are living with food poverty to be part of developing solutions.

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