Food in Communities

This is one of Food Exeter’s three overarching areas of work.

We believe that growing, buying, cooking and eating food in community settings – in neighbourhoods, through organisations or local groups – provides numerous benefits. We are working to enable people who are living with food poverty to be part of developing solutions. We want Exeter to be a city with a vibrant local food culture, where you can join others in initiatives that deliver mental and physical wellbeing, build a sense of community and connect people to where their food comes from.

There is already quite a lot happening in the city, but so much more could happen. Things we want to help happen include:

  • Neighbourhood ‘mini-markets’
  • Working with people who are living with food poverty to develop their own solutions
  • Easy availability of cooking classes that meet people’s needs
  • Shared meals in community settings
  • Community food hubs‘ developing across the city
  • Buying groups able to access affordable, quality local food