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National Action & Research

There is a wealth of research and innovation in this country and beyond. Many people and organisations are taking small and large steps towards a food system that is better for people & planet. If you know of any studies or networks that should be on this page, please let us know.

Food Power : National alliance working to support local organisations to tackle food poverty from the bottom up. Food Exeter is following their model in ensuring that any work we support on food poverty and food insecurity is informed and shaped by the voices and experiences of people who know what this is like to live with.

Sustainable Food Cities : Food Exeter is one of the UK’s Sustainable Food Cities. There is lots of information on this website.

Food, Farming & Countryside : An in-depth examination led by the Royal Society for the Arts.

Fight Hunger, Create Change Programme : A joint initiative between Trussell Trust and Fareshares.

Feeding Britain : Campaigning to end hunger in 21st century Britain

The Food Foundation : Think tank working to switch Britain’s food system to be in favour of the public

Food Matters : A national charity working towards building capacity and action for healthy, sustainable and fair food.  They aim to create the space for positive food system change by focusing on policy development and interventions that enhance people’s health, protect the environment and create vibrant and fair food economies.

Food Ethics Council : working towards enabling a fair food system that respects people, animals and the planet, with an emphasis placed on ethics. They aim to influence food policy and investigate and research key issues such as food waste, climate change, farm animal welfare, food poverty and power within the food system.

First Steps Nutrition : An independent public health nutrition charity that provides information and online accessible resources to support eating well from pre-conception to five years. They influence key policy to insure good nutrition for mums-to-be and young families, and work to provide up-to-date information on infant milks for sale in the UK.

Food Climate Research Network : An organisation that conducts and communicates research on food sustainability, connecting stakeholders with a common interest in building sustainable food systems. Along with a regularly updated research library covering a broad spectrum of food related issues, FCRNs own projects and reports are accessible online, along with links to food related events and courses.   

Nyéléni and the Six Principles of Food Sovereignty:

A gathering of grassroots movements from all over the world working towards strengthening a global movement for food sovereignty. The event marked the shift from a mindset of resistance against commodification and corporate control of the food economy, to a proactive stance, defining the common ground of these movements, the direction of action and the six principles of Food Sovereignty.

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