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Community growing

Community growing is used to describe projects where people come together to grow things together – in a community garden, at community farm, or in unused local space. Motivations include a lack of local green space, building a sense of community, providing opportunities for volunteering or just wanting to grow things – fruit, vegetables but also flowers.

Community growing happens when a piece of land is gardened by a group of people for the benefit of the group and the wider community – with an emphasis on the community aspect of the gardening. It includes community gardens, community allotments & community farms.

Food Exeter would like to see a supported network of community growing initiatives in and around Exeter, as other areas have established; (see Good to Grow website for examples). If you are interested in this, please get in touch. If your project isn’t already listed in our Infobank, please tell us so we can add you.


The benefits of community growing include securing healthy produce, physical activity, mental wellbeing, fostering good relationships between neighbours, creating wildlife friendly spaces and spending time outdoors.

The health, wellbeing and social benefits of gardening, horticulture therapy and food growing are becoming better documented. 



Community growing in Exeter

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