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The Country Trust

The Country Food Trust donates high protein cooked meals and frozen pheasant breasts to charities that feed people in need.

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Community Meals

Community meals cover a wide range of activities, from one-off street party meals, to regular meals shared by people from a local area, or who … Read more Community Meals

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Action on Climate in Teignbridge

Action on Climate in Teignbridge (ACT) . ACT was set up in response to Teignbridge District Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration by a group of people … Read more Action on Climate in Teignbridge

Growing Devon Schools

A partnership, training teachers and education providers across Devon to give them confidence and skills to use their outdoor learning spaces for for food growing, … Read more Growing Devon Schools


OrganicArts is a charity  which specialises in farm based learning of all shapes and sizes! Activities include bespoke educational visits for schools, community groups, businesses, … Read more OrganicArts

Mission for Markets

Mission for Markets is  campaign is run by NABMA and the NMTF, two trade organisations which, respectively, represent the interests of those who run markets and those … Read more Mission for Markets

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Shillingford Farm School

Shillingford Farm School offers a range of courses and events for families and for schools, including weekly afterschool clubs, pre-school groups and home schooling days. … Read more Shillingford Farm School

Foodcycle Exeter

Foodcycle Exeter serves a free, freshly cooked meal for anyone who comes along, once a week in Wonford Exeter. Food is donated and volunteers do … Read more Foodcycle Exeter

Community Food Hubs

Community Meal

‘Community food hubs’ is a term sometimes used to describe a cluster of neighbourhood level activities relating to food. This activity is often but not … Read more Community Food Hubs

Food, Farming & Countryside RSA Commission

Shillingford Planting Leeks

The Royal Society of Arts undertook a major investigation into food, farming and the countryside. This culminated in the report, Our Future in the Land. … Read more Food, Farming & Countryside RSA Commission

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Pasture-raised / grass-fed


The pasture or grass-fed movement in livestock farming is growing. The term applies to livestock (but particularly cattle) that stay out on pasture all year … Read more Pasture-raised / grass-fed

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Sustain is the ‘alliance for better food and farming’. It advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people … Read more Sustain

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement is a process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves value for money and … Read more Sustainable Procurement

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Climate Emergency & food

Climate Emergency

Food growing, production, processing, packaging and transportation are all activities which can generate significant greenhouse gases, from the fossil fuel based artificial fertilisers on which … Read more Climate Emergency & food

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Community Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden is a community garden located in the grounds of the Methodist Church in Sidwell Street. It is open once a week during Feb … Read more Community Rainbow Garden

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Community growing

St Sidwell's Garden

Community growing is used to describe projects where people come together to grow things together – in a community garden, at community farm, or in … Read more Community growing

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Wonford Community & Learning Centre

Wonford Community Centre logo

Wonford Community & Learning Centre is an independent community centre. The Centre is interested in using food as part of its offer and runs a … Read more Wonford Community & Learning Centre

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St Sidwell’s Community Centre

St Sidwells Community Centre

St Sidwells community Centre runs the The Sidwell Street Café which serves good quality, locally-sourced, nutritious and delicious food that’s also extremely good value for … Read more St Sidwell’s Community Centre

Newcourt Community Centre

Newcourt Community Centre logo

Every Thursday morning Newcourt Community Centre runs a cafe morning with support from Exeter Community Initiatives (ECI) and Newcourt Community Association. The café is open between 10am and … Read more Newcourt Community Centre

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Beacon Centre café

The Beacon Centre

The Beacon Community Centre has a Friday Drop-In Cafe. All ages are welcome, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and cake (no … Read more Beacon Centre café

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