Sustainable Food Apps

Sustainable Food Apps: in recent years, there has been a rise in food apps geared towards making eating and purchasing food sustainably more accessible, easy and affordable, serving information straight to your table in a matter of clicks. They have a range of functions from some focusing on reducing food waste in local areas, to others providing you with up to date information on how ethically-sourced a product is. Have an explore of the list below that covers a variety of sustainable food apps that are free to download.

Apps for the public and consumers:

  • Olio: aims to connect local retailers and neighbours to help share surplus food, and prevent it being wasted. Olio has also been used as a trading platform for other appliances such as garden tools.
  • Too Good To Go: another app aimed at combating food wasted by providing a place for stores to sell their surplus produce at a cheaper price than retail.
  • The Good Fish Guide: Marine Conservation Society provides advice through this app with a comprehensive guide to the most sustainable fish to eat, from what recipes to try to what the restaurants to visit.
  • Giki: a shopping guide app that allows the consumer to track how sustainable, ethical and healthy companies and their products are by scanning the barcode.
  • No Waste: a food inventory app that helps you save money, reduce waste and prevent unnecessary purchases, by scanning receipts and barcodes to help plan meals and set expiration date reminders.
  • Greenease: helps locate the closest restaurants that use farm-to-table ingredients, where the consumer can select the ethical and sustainable preferences they are looking for.

Apps for businesses and organisations:

  • Food Cloud: partners with supermarkets and charities to donate unsold food items. Food Cloud helps support local communities through organisations such as homeless shelters and family support.
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