Post-Covid food issues

Food has shot up the national and local agenda alongside the arrival of our covid pandemic. Some positive local changes that Food Exeter has noted are:

  • more collaboration by local organisations dealing with emergency food responses
  • innovative solutions put together by new alliances eg the St Thomas Community Larder
  • a big switch from supermarket shopping to buying from local shops and box schemes
  • local shops switching to click and collect, and delivery offers
  • an increased interest in cooking and awareness of food

Food Exeter is talking to other organisations about ways in which we can all work to capture the positive changes around people’s food habits, harness the increased awareness of how fragile our food resilience is and tie all that in to low carbon, positive environmental impact work.

The Food Ethics Council hosted an April 2020 webinar / discussion about how the UK’s post-covid food system could be better and stronger than before the virus struck. Report here


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