Food Exeter Steering Group

The Steering Group’s role is to have a strategic overview of food issues in Exeter, and to coordinate actions that help achieve our aims. We bring people together to unblock barriers and to uncover innovative ways to make a step change towards our goals.

Purpose of Food Exeter Steering Group

  1. To facilitate the adoption and implementation of a multi-party ie public, private and voluntary sector, strategy and action plan, covering the ‘six themes’ of the Sustainable Food Cities Network. This approach will seek to embed healthy and sustainable food (production, processing, purchasing, distribution and use) in the policies and actions of key organisations.
  2. To agree a prioritised approach to achieving the strategy and action plan and to regularly monitor and review progress.
  3. To facilitate communication and coordinate activities across the Partnership and with other stakeholders
  4. To mandate working and/or task and finish groups that draw on Network members and others with relevant expertise.


Steering Group Members

Professor Matt Lobley University of Exeter
Professor Harry West University of Exeter
Martyn Goss Diocese of Exeter
Dominic Acland Real Food Store
Ruby Entwistle Devon County Council
Martyn Bragg Shillingford Organics
Carole Pilley Exeter Community Initiatives
Rebecca Sandover Researcher on food issues
Lynn Wetenhall Community activist