We want Exeter to become a Sugar Smart City and create a food environment which encourages healthy choices and reduces the promotion of sugary foods. You can find out more about the national campaign as well as our work locally below.


Tameside hospital in Manchester has become the first to ban sugary drinks on the premises. Their trial showed great results, including staff losing weight!


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Download more information and tools for
the September Challenge here.

Sugar Smart September – Info and Tools

Sugar Smart September - Info and Tools

Preview of the tool kit.

Organisations in Exeter – Make a Sugar Smart Pledge!

We are encouraging organisations to make Sugar Smart pledges to take action on sugar in Exeter. Example pledges include:

  • Making tap water freely available
  • Reducing promotions on sugary foods
  • Increasing the availability of healthy food choices
  • Introducing a voluntary sugary drinks tax through the Children’s Health Fund.

Interested in Supporting Sugar Smart Exeter? 

Read our community action document to see how you can get involved.

Want to encourage your local organisations to take Sugar Smart action?

Download our advocacy pack here to share with organisations.

This pack contains:

1) Example Advocacy Letter—If there is an organisation you think should take Sugar Smart action, you can use this letter or create your own to encourage them to sign up, along with the two pledge documents included in this pack.


2) ‘Why Pledge’ – Include this with your letter to outline the benefits of  making a Sugar Smart pledge.


3) Pledge  Commitment—This document gives examples of some of the actions organisations can take to be Sugar Smart.  Organisations can fill this out and return to sugarsmartexeter@gmail.com or actions can be logged directly at sugarsmartuk.org

Sugar Smart Survey

The results are in from the recent Sugar Smart Exeter survey, where almost 700 Exeter residents had their say about sugar. It shows that the people of Exeter are concerned about their sugar intake, with 64% of respondents saying they would like help to reduce the amount of sugar they eat. For parents, their children’s sugar consumption was also a significant worry.

dental health and weight loss were the most popular reasons for wanting to reduce sugar intakeRespondents were worried about the health risks from excessive sugar consumption, with concerns including the effect of sugar on dental health, behaviour and mood, the risk of type 2 diabetes and, most commonly, the impact of sugar on weight.

Only 6% of respondents were not worried about the effect of sugar on health.95% want healthy food sold in public places

The responses are helping to shape future plans for Sugar Smart Exeter.

When asked about the most important actions that could be taken to help respondents become ‘Sugar Smart’ and make healthier choices easier, top of the wish list was:
1) Healthier food and drinks to be sold in public places including leisure centres and hospitals
2) Food companies and restaurants to reduce the amount of sugar in food and drink

We are listening to what people want and are starting to work together with local leisure centres, hospitals and businesses to take Sugar Smart action.

See the attached PDF for more details of the results

What is Sugar Smart UK?

Sugar Smart is an ambitious campaign that aims to help towns, cities, counties and boroughs across the UK to raise awareness and reduce consumption of sugar across all age groups.  The campaign aims to promote healthy alternatives and remove or reduce unhealthy food and drink, particularly targeting those high in sugar. Experience shows that getting commitments from institutions and businesses can help motivate real change in different settings at a local level and across the country.

The local Sugar Smart model builds on the pioneering work in Brighton who want to become the first Sugar Smart City, as well as Sustain’s work on sustainable fish which has used a similar campaign model working with places in the Sustainable Food Cities network, and getting commitments from institutions and businesses. There are now 6 other cities and 7 London Boroughs keen to run their own SUGAR SMART campaigns.  There is even interest from Australia, Canada and Dubai.

We are excited that the SUGAR SMART campaign is poised to roll out and reach thousands more people across the UK.

Want to support the campaign?

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from supporters wanting to get involved in the campaign, so we have put together some examples of Sugar Smart action people can help out with.

For example:

  • Promote awareness of the campaign on social media using #sugarsmartexeter
  • Advocate for Sugar Smart action and encourage organisations to pledge
  • Take part in public events
  • Become a Sugar Smart ambassador

See the Community Action document for more details.

Email us at sugarsmartexeter@gmail.com if you would like to get involved!

Together we can make a real difference!

Sugar Smart Exeter Vision 2016 – 2017

Sugar Smart Exeter Vision document preview


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Jamie Oliver Helps Exeter Become Sugar Smart

Co-ordinators and Supporters of Sugar Smart Exeter:

Exeter Health and Wellbeing Board
Exeter Food Network
Exeter City Council
Public Health, Devon County Council
University of Exeter
Devon Norse

Exeter City Football Club
Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club
Westbank Healthy Living Centre
Life Dental and Wellbeing
South West Association for Nutrition Registrants
Coaver Club

Launch Event – 23rd January

The launch event was held on 23rd January. Here are some pictures from the event.