Home Grown Community Owned (or HogCO for short) was a hugely successful programme run over 5 years by Devon Communities Together. HogCO worked with 70 local groups involved in a wide variety of community growing schemes. From Bee Keeping to Orchards from Community Gardens to Community Farms. Supported themes covered Community Led Agriculture, schools projects, churchyard gardens and projects designed to support particularly disadvantaged groups.

HogCO provided communities with the skills to develop their ideas and to produce good food. It is estimated that 700 local enthusiasts received training and over 5000 people benefited from access to locally produced, healthy food. Take a look at the HogCO Highlights report for more information.

Funding for HogCO from the Big lottery Local Food programme ended in 2014. The legacy of the project includes:

  • A wide range of community growing groups continuing to produce local, healthy food for local people.
  • A range of resources created by HogCO, toolkits, information and advice sheets.
  • The learning from the programme was used to inform the Feeding Devon’s Future – Devon Food Strategy & Action Plan report for the Devon Strategic Partnership.

Devon Communities Together is now exploring other opportunities to encourage, promote and support local food initiatives in Devon communities. We are interested in any proposals for partnership working, particularly where we can add value through our HogCO experience and our strong connections with communities in the rural areas of Devon.

Website: Devon Communities Together